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Hello! If you are reading this page then you probably spotted my website on the SDF directory, or you found me from one of the links in the navigation above this text.

My name is Bobby Moss. I live in the United Kingdom and work on technical documentation for a living. In previous jobs I have developed Java middleware microservices on top of cloud servers and written for technology magazines. I have also been known to teach kids how to code with volunteer organisations and spent my gap year working in the IT department of an international school in Belgium.

Nowadays you might recognise my name because of my contributions to Glimpse Image Editor, a fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program that aims to fix branding and usability problems. I have also contributed code and blog posts for Florence Mastodon, and for over six months hosted and administered the only public instance running that software.

Linux is an operating system I have used and blogged about in one form or another since , and it continues to be a platform I rely on for my pay cheque and hobbyist projects. In I started to take more of an interest in SDF.org because I want devote more of my free time towards learning about UNIX systems, such as macOS and FreeBSD.

As you will see from my blog posts, I also enjoy tinkering with and refurbishing old computers. I have a shelf filled with unfinished projects and a library full of old retro games to play, so I look forward to blogging about them throughout and beyond.

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